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You’ve been used as a solider, test subject, and a political pawn for mutation. But at least you look good! This is Soul Revolver’s unofficail replica Alex Mercer leather jacket from the hit series Prototype. This one features something not found on any of our other vintage replica jackets - a custom embroidery job! Our commitment to quality demands that we create only the most authentic product. Telescoping whipfist mutation not available.
True Black
Replaces Standard Acetate Lining For Our 80g Valtherm Quilted Thermal Lining For Extra Warmth.

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Black Italian Leather

Red Stitch Embroidery

Front Patch Pockets

Contrasting Red & White Leather Detail

Two Interior Pockets






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Reviews for Prototype
This is the first Soul Revolver jacket I ever bought and I bought almost immediately when it first came out. Literally everyone who saw me wear it had asked me about, especially when I'd go into video game stores. Many people first thought I was a winner of the Prototype promotion competition but upon further inspection they'd notice it was much higher quality than the jacket that the actual video game developers made for the promotion.

The stitching on the back was flawless and was highly resistant to getting torn up. I made my own Alex Mercer costume using this jackets [not a hard costume to make once you get the jacket], I never got the chance to wear it to comic-con but friends and strangers who knew the character loved it.

And if you don't like or know the game, it's still a pretty awesome 70's/biker-ish jacket.
Keven P., US
Keven Pangus

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Our high-end luxury leather jackets crafted in Northern Italy.
Made from the highest quality lambskin available, in colours exclusive to Soul Revolver.


Premium, slim fit leather jackets made from soft yet durable full-grain cowhide.
These jackets are made outside of Italy, so naturally, the cost is less but the standard is still high.


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